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Streamlining Pharmacy Operations and Enhancing Customer Experience.

Welcome to PharmaTrack, Online pharma – an inventory system for all levels of pharmacies. It is the advanced web application designed to streamline pharmacy operations, optimize inventory tracking, and enhance customer communication. With PharmaTrack, smaller pharmacies gain the advantage of bulk purchasing, offering better prices to common users. The application also ensures proactive order management by tracking next order dates and facilitating seamless resubmission.

Key Features

Efficient Order Management

PharmaTrack simplifies order management for pharmacies, providing a centralized platform to accept, process, and track customer orders. Pharmacists can effortlessly manage orders, ensuring accurate fulfillment and efficient workflow.

Bulk Purchasing & Better Pricing

With PharmaTrack, pharmacies can leverage the power of bulk purchasing to negotiate better prices for common medications. This enables smaller pharmacies to provide cost-effective solutions to their customers, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

PharmaTrack offers real-time inventory tracking capabilities, allowing pharmacies to monitor stock levels accurately. Pharmacists can set reorder points and receive automated alerts when it’s time to restock, ensuring optimal inventory management and avoiding stockouts.

Proactive Customer Communication


PharmaTrack ensures proactive communication with customers through automated reminders. The application tracks each customer’s next order date and sends timely notifications, allowing customers to conveniently resubmit their orders and maintain a continuous supply of medications.

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Streamlined Pharmacy Operations

PharmaTrack revolutionizes pharmacy operations by simplifying order management, optimizing inventory tracking, and improving overall efficiency. The application eliminates manual processes, reduces errors, and enhances productivity, allowing pharmacists to focus more on patient care.

Cost Savings & Competitive Advantage

With PharmaTrack’s bulk purchasing feature, smaller pharmacies can secure better prices for medications, enabling them to offer competitive pricing to their customers. This cost-saving advantage helps pharmacies attract more customers and establish a strong market presence.

Improved Customer Experience

PharmaTrack prioritizes customer satisfaction by facilitating proactive communication and easy order resubmission. Customers appreciate the convenience and reliability of timely reminders, ensuring they never miss a medication refill and fostering long-term loyalty to the pharmacy.

Technologies Used

Web Application Development:

PharmaTrack is built using Blazor, a modern web framework developed by Microsoft. Blazor combines the power of .NET with the convenience of web development, delivering high-performance and interactive web applications.

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Database Management:

The application utilizes an MSSQL database, a robust and scalable database management system. MSSQL ensures efficient data storage, retrieval, and management, providing pharmacies with a secure and reliable foundation for their operations.

User Interface Design:

PharmaTrack boasts a modern and intuitive user interface design, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. The application utilizes Bootstrap, a popular CSS framework, to ensure responsive and visually appealing interfaces across different devices.

Case Study:

Streamlining Operations for Small Pharmacies with PharmaTrack


PharmaTrack, a comprehensive web application designed to streamline pharmacy operations, has successfully transformed the workflows of two smaller pharmacies—Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare. By leveraging the advanced features of PharmaTrack, these pharmacies have enhanced their order management, optimized inventory tracking, and improved overall customer satisfaction.


The Challenge

Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare faced common challenges in efficiently managing their pharmacy operations. Both pharmacies struggled with manual order management processes, inventory tracking issues, and ensuring timely communication with their customers. They needed a solution that would simplify their operations and provide a seamless experience for both pharmacy staff and customers.

Our Solution

Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare implemented PharmaTrack, a powerful web application tailored to meet their specific needs. PharmaTrack’s intuitive features and robust functionality enabled these pharmacies to overcome their operational challenges and deliver an enhanced experience to their customers.

Key Benefits

Efficient Order Management

PharmaTrack streamlined the order management process for both pharmacies. With automated order tracking and centralized order management capabilities, Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare were able to handle customer orders more efficiently. The application ensured accurate order processing, reduced errors, and improved overall workflow.

Bulk Purchasing & Competitive Pricing

Leveraging PharmaTrack’s bulk purchasing feature, both pharmacies benefited from better pricing options for common medications. By purchasing in bulk, Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare were able to negotiate competitive prices, offering cost-effective solutions to their customers. This advantage strengthened their market position and attracted a larger customer base.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

PharmaTrack provided real-time inventory tracking for both pharmacies. Pharmacists could monitor stock levels, set reorder points, and receive automated alerts when it was time to restock. This feature optimized inventory management, reduced the risk of stockouts, and ensured uninterrupted supply of medications to their customers.

Proactive Customer Communication

PharmaTrack enabled proactive communication with customers through automated reminders and notifications. Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare could track each customer’s next order date and send timely reminders, ensuring customers never missed a medication refill. This proactive communication improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Sunshine Pharmacy and Maple Healthcare witnessed significant improvements in their operations and customer satisfaction after implementing PharmaTrack.


“PharmaTrack has revolutionized our operations, enabling us to efficiently manage orders and optimize our inventory. The bulk purchasing feature has allowed us to offer competitive pricing, attracting more customers. The real-time inventory tracking and proactive communication features have significantly improved our customer satisfaction.”

Sarah Thompson

Owner of Sunshine Pharmacy

“Since implementing PharmaTrack, our pharmacy has experienced tremendous improvements in efficiency and customer service. The application has simplified our order management process and ensured timely communication with our customers. PharmaTrack has truly transformed our operations.”

John Anderso

Owner of Maple Healthcare

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